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Identify the resources who will install Microsoft Teams Rooms on site and undertake the configuration and testing.


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Learn how to set up Microsoft Teams Rooms, including planning, deploying, and managing the system to create your ideal virtual meeting room. Prepare the installation media · Download the latest MSI installer for Microsoft Teams Rooms. · Determine the build of Windows that the user must.


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You may withdraw your consent at any time. Please visit our Privacy Statement for additional information. Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android MTRoA — formerly known as Collaboration Bars, are designed to cater for both smaller meeting rooms and for individual users — known as personal mode. In a meeting room scenario, typically you will pair a Microsoft Teams Room on Android device with a touch panel for the center of the room, and create a meeting room account that people can book.

In personal mode, setup is much simpler. A touch panel becomes optional and maybe not even desired and setup and sign-in is near-identical to a Teams Phone or Display; a user signs into the device as their own account and then can join their meetings.

You might want to buy and deploy MTRoA devices to staff that work from home and wish to use a bigger screen for meetings, or have their own office and will benefit from a wall-mounted display. At Microsoft Ignite Spring Edition , Microsoft demonstrated their vision for this scenario as part of their F uture of Work demo :.

The benefit of this simple deployment model is that the MTRoA device in Personal Mode is self-deploy for an employee because Android-based Teams devices have been updated for easier self-setup.

If you are buying MTRoA devices for users, then it is worth considering ensuring that before they are shipped the vendor ensures they are on the most current or nearly current updates. If your supplier has had the devices sitting in a warehouse for the last twelve months then it is extremely likely that the device will not include up-to-date firmware for Personal Mode, or additional features released in April , such as background effects. You can see the latest release versions for MTRoA firmware on Microsoft Docs and validate with your supplier that the devices will include these; if you cannot then it is worthwhile considering enrolling the devices first, and then performing updates in the Teams Admin Center , before then signing out of the device and shipping it or installing it in an office for the user.

Upon first boot or after sign-out, the MTRoA device will begin at the sign-in page. To do this, use the MTRoA remote control and select the settings cog:. In the setting page, various options such as time zone, Bluetooth device connectivity, camera settings and network settings can be configured. At the end of the list of settings, Wi-Fi connectivity can be configured. This will require the user to enter the default admin password a PIN which is typically , then to select and join their Wi-Fi network:.

Within the configuration profile a replacement default PIN can be set to prevent further configuration and also to set core settings, such as the timezone on behalf of the user. After connecting to a network, return to the sign-in page and, after choosing sign-in, the user will be provided the opportunity to either sign-in using their Azure AD credentials, or the option to Sign in from another device.

After choosing this option a code is displayed on the screen with instructions to visit microsoft. In this scenario, the user should visit that URL on a work PC or work mobile device, as this will allow them to leverage their currently signed in credentials for easy login:.

Once login completes, the device will complete registration and arrive at the MTRoA home screen. This then means that a user can choose either to use the MTRoA remote control and select the meeting from the calendar on screen, but also for ad-hoc meetings and calls, or when joining a meeting from the PC select the MTRoA as a device to use in the meeting:.

In particular for Personal Mode, Change Background allows you to enable background blur and select from built-in background effects:. Learn how to migrate Office inactive mailboxes and deleted OneDrives to comply with retention policies. This article discusses the addition of a Group Membership report and a Mailbox Permission report to a PowerShell script aimed at helping to prepare a Tenant-to-Tenant Migration.

Microsoft is not doing a good job to communicate how long Office and Office can be used with Microsoft Subscribe for Practical updates Error Message. Error Message. Tweet Share Share. Setup and Sign-in If you are buying MTRoA devices for users, then it is worth considering ensuring that before they are shipped the vendor ensures they are on the most current or nearly current updates.

Within the More section, it is worth ensuring that Proximity Join is enabled: Figure 8: Examining the settings available for quick access in the More section. About the Author Steve Goodman. Steve has worked with Microsoft technology for over 20 years beginning and has been writing about Exchange and the earliest iterations of Office since its inception.

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