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It would be really helpful. Or someone I certainly don’t. I would like to know when I’m at my RAM limit etc. I would appreciate any links and tips! Felix Logic Pro X David Nahmani Site Admin. Turning things on or off in a project does not affect its RAM usage. Hope that helps!

Re: Understanding RAM management when using Logic Pro Fri Mar 24, am As a “card-carrying computer geek nerd,” I can authoritatively add a bit of clarity to this particular discussion. It’s all about me! Everything that I see.. It is able to do this because of various “tricks of the hardware” that we need not discuss here unless you are curious enough to click on a hyperlink.

But otherwise, “I digress. It’s an illusion that is backed-up by the notion that, even though a program perceives that it has “such-and-so amount of ‘memory’ available to it,” it will not actually reference all of that memory ” all at once. They can very easily afford to wait a few milliseconds Logic Pro, by its very nature and purpose, cannot afford to be “stopped in its tracks.

Logic Pro, by its very nature, must have “at all times, ‘uncontested’ access” to every physical resource that it requires, at the very instant that it requires it.

In other words, those resources “must actually, at all times, be real. Mike Robinson “I wanna quit being a computer consultant and become a composer and arranger at age fifty- nevermind. Logic Pro X So, that would be looking at things such as changing sample-based plugins to load direct from disk, instead of RAM if the option exists.

Biggest release of RAM would be bouncing down plugins to audio that are requiring much RAM to operate Big sample players for example , and of course, subsequently unloading them from the project and not just disabling them. Price of RAM nowadays though, pffft, ‘if’ i hit a limit i would just increase the physical memory, so simple to do. Do you know if you can set Kontakt to do this? I try to avoid bouncing plugins down to audio, as I primarily work with Sample Libraries, and I’m always changing things as I go, so that just ends up taking tons of time.

I will be upgrading to 32GB of RAM in the near future, so shouldn’t really be a problem, but I like to get the best out of my system. Is this something to view in Activity Monitor? Kayle Clements composer clementunes. It’s easiest if you sort the memory by how much is being used, as Logic is usually near the top.

You also have a bunch of information on how much memory is currently being used at the bottom. David, the answer to your question would necessarily be, “all of them. If it isn’t, the process is frozen in its tracks until the data can be retrieved from disk — and, “you’re dead, Jim. Thereafter, takes an inconsequential amount of time to read the resulting audio file and play it back. It is quite obvious, from the ease with which Logic’s designers made this particular feature available, that said designers anticipated that it would be used a lot.

If you can stand the idea of having to wait a short while for a track or even the whole song or some segment thereof to be rendered ” off -line,” overloads become a non-issue because the computer is no longer being demanded to work its Artful Magicks ‘in real time.

I have just gone from 4GB to 16GB in a late mac mini today with absolutely no difference to the system overload nuisance. Like many sufferers, I had trouble-free operation initially – the system overload issue arose from thin air The idea behind “freeze” makes sense, but – like all purported fixes – it will not strike at the heart of the issue.

The “nerd” appears to have opened up the heart of the issue – what users need is some surgical way of giving logic priority and preventing the mac from unnecessarily squirrelling data to places where it takes an age to get it back. To my mind this is an operating system issue which no amount of upgrading will defeat. That begs the question, what exactly in a Logic session is loaded into RAM? Mac mini late Server 2.

Will I still get the same effect without bouncing these tracks to audio?



16gb vs 32gb ram logic pro x free download. Best Mac for music production


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