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Related topics Lay out pages. When you’re done, select Close Header and Footer or press Esc. Add or header or footer text. To exit, select Close Header and Footer or press Esc. Need more help? Expand your skills. Get new features first.

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For the time being my iframe version is fit for purpose for forum-like activity. It’s really fun using it and it is a great learning experience for me with my limited free time. I do have a question: “Short of buying the commercial version, any pointers on how I could include a Like link at the bottom of each wall post?

Does anyone know or guide me which PHP file should I edit to insert the embed code? I’ve done it. Itching to blog about it with download for the full source code available so that others can build their own wall and improve on it, or ask developers to develop more complex walls for them. I managed to also add a subtle gray border around the iframe.

BTW, I’m using Gareth J. Barnard’s Collapsible Weekly format. Yup, the Wonderwall is shaping up pretty nicely. This time, I’ve gotten Srinivas Tamada’s Facebook-like Wallscript 3. We have a facebook page for a none-educational site i help run and they decided to use a facebook stream for interaction, feedback and comments. You put the container wherever you want the stream to apear :. Very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing this. I added the generated code to my current theme’s header.

php file. Here’s the results after less than 10 minutes:. When I input Hebrew text inside the textarea input box, I click share button and I get gibberish that is recognisable only by people from Giber. Don’t you need to change the language setting in your browser to use Unicode UTF-8 Default Character Encoding? I’ve managed to integrated a rich-text editor, NicEdit, with the WonderWall. Multicoloured for creative messages 2. Multiformatted 3. full embed code of a. Youtube b. Vimeo c.

Google Maps d. Scribd e. Slideshare 4. Embedding of image URLs. Got it working for Moodle 1. Moodle 2. Have fun exploring the new textarea edit box with the NicEdit icons. Pay special attention to the Save Icon the one that looks like a diskette icon at the top left-hand corner. I’ve just managed to enable the wall to send E-mail notifications to any user usually that should be the course admin of any Wall updates. Works for the Moodle 1. The image shows an incoming E-mail into my Gmail account boonsengkam gmail.

com which was triggered by a wall post by a student. I think this feature will be handy for the teacher. Word statistics are displayed, including a Readability score. However the scores and stats are not updated into the Moodle Gradebook. More details on my blog here. I’ve also implemented a privacy-ala-Moodle-Journal feature for the Wall.

Posts by other students will be hidden. However, comment posts by other students can be viewed. The screen above shows what Mr. The content of message posts by James Dean are hidden from view. Note however that comments by James Dean are not hidden. This feature works similar to the Moodle Journal mod.

For extra pizzazz, other students’ avatars are grayed out. A mouseover onto a grayed-out avatar brings the avatars color back as a gradual fade-back-to-colour. I thought that was a nice touch to implement this JQuery effect.

I am seriously considering to release the paid-version of the Wall code for free to the Moodle community. Both for Moodle 1. x versions. The reason for this is I would love to see what new features the Moodle worldwide community can add to the Facebook-like wall. For example, at the moment, I’m using iframe code to setup the Wall. It really should be made into a plugin or Moodle activity of sorts! Also, installation of the Wall is a deal-breaker.

It’s not user-friendly to setup. Gotta edit code to suit your site. And so on. Maybe it could be improved to a point where Moodle 2. What a nice thought! Besides, it would be nice to see the benefits of the Wall realised by other Moodle users, teachers and students, for free.

What would they think now that suppose the Wall code is made free? Now I’m going to give it all away for free!? How can I earn some moolah for my hard work of times past? How about setting it up as a project to use something like Joseph Thibault’s crowd-sourcing model that he and Justin Hunt used to develop and release the YouTube Anywhere plugin?

Yes, crowd funding is what I meant – he opened a project, which everyone knew would end up in the Moodle. org plugins database when complete and we chipped in funding to pay for the work done. The advantage we got as part of the project was to have our name associated with the funding nice warm fuzzy feeling of helping develop something that is above my coding skills!

but also on a more practical level, advance look at the code as it was being tested and released. There is a factor that kicks in when you release it free. Feature creep and more bug reports. Along with other input. At least I have shown that it can be done. Contains some new enhancements, speed improvements, better readme. txt instructions and caters for native Unicode UTF-8 postings so that you can post in non-English language. I just updated my Wall for Moodle 2.

It’s a blast better than previous versions. Drop by if you can. The wall’s looking good Frankie. Kind of half-way between forum and chat. Thanks for sharing and have a happy holiday yourself! I finally added the code to Github. Documentation Downloads Demo Tracker Development Translation MoodleNet Search.

Home Communities Moodle in English Moodle development General developer forum Building a facebook wall style forum. 検索 閉じる 検索. あなたは現在ゲストアクセスを利用しています ログイン. 表示モード 返信を古いものからフラット表示する 返信を新しいものからフラット表示する 返信をスレッド表示する 返信をネスト表示する.

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Microsoft word 2013 header on one page only free download


A To have Firefox use the default setting, delete the current custom setting using the trash can at the right end of the row for the custom setting. As with headers, the following three preferences are the default, but any printer-specific value overrides them, allowing you to customize individual printers:. This preference may be removed in the future once everything is fully debugged, but it’s still available for now:.

enabled preference to switch between the new experience true and the classic experience false. enabled you can double-click that one to switch it to false as well. If you do not have that one, no need to create it. この投稿は jscher – Support Volunteer により 年3月17日 に変更されました. Delete all of the individual printer settings 2. Refresh 3. With just the Defaults showing, enter in the desired setting codes.

How do you get rid of the time, which appears after the date? Is there a way to change the font for just the Header and Footer, to something like Microsoft Sans Serif 10? この投稿は sludgex により 年2月21日 に変更されました. For 1: I don’t know of a way to get the date without the time. I tried to search in the source code but terms like title, URL, date, and so on are too common for me to locate it.

For 2: Firefox uses the default font face and size listed on the Options page. That won’t affect websites that declare their own fonts, but will affect sites that don’t. Regarding 1, there is currently no way to get the date without the time. The currently supported special code’s are listed at:. js cpp Honestly, I think that should be the default so I’ll put that on the backlog to fix.

The chances of me remembering to come back here once that is fixed are low though, so if you want to keep track of that create a bugzilla. org account and CC yourself to that bug. For you to know how to delete extra page in Word, click on the View tab 2. How to remove a blank page in Word from the end?

You can also learn how to delete extra page in Word in a practical way 1. You must select the paragraph markers by double-clicking on all the icons. How to remove extra pages in Word using replace and find a tool? Open the Word file using MS Word, and touch where you want on the page you want to delete.

You must press Enter on your keyboard and Close. Verify that it is the correct page and that all the content is selected 6. Was this helpful? Yes No. Trending Tutorials 1. How to add fonts in WPS Office word 2. How to insert a checkbox in word document on Mac or Windows 4.

How to insert a signature in WPS Writer 5. How can we add a horizontal line at the footer 6. How to apply header only on the first page in WPS google doc? Open your google doc. Click on the insert,select header from header and footer portion. Insert the title on the top of page. After writing title,click option and select header format.

Click on the different first page. Click on apply. Conclusion Applying of Header only on first page is powerful function. Was this helpful? Yes No. Trending Tutorials 1. How to add fonts in WPS Office word 2.

How to insert a checkbox in word document on Mac or Windows 4. How to insert a signature in WPS Writer 5. How can we add a horizontal line at the footer 6. Find duplicates in Word a document.


Microsoft word 2013 header on one page only free download


Heyo, We’re interesting in having a plugin developed. We used to use a custom-built facebook neader for students, but that was an absolute nightmare. We switched to moodle and LOVE IT! The only thing we miss is the convenience and ease of the Facebook wall for each class page, so students could quickly, easily, and anonymously post their questions.

We’re interested in having something similar developed through moodle either through something added into a label or as a topic in a course. I could help you with that if you would pagf to email me. I need to know your budget for the project so that I can tell you if I’m able to do it within your budget. We will also need to discuss a timeline for project completion. My email is sterry propluswebsites. That also gets automatically sent out via twitter and there are several sites that pick it up as well.

Thanks for the suggestion Davo, I will post on there. I’ll check Elgg out as well. The reason we specifically больше информации the facebook wall is for the familiarity and comfort it provides to students.

They’ve been olny to have it back ever since we switched. We’re just looking into the viability of this option! It microsoct be a bit unweildy to add a FB wall to Moodle courses and the features that come with it, not to mention expensive to develop.

Have you considered an integration? I’ve installed it on my serverit’s pretty easy, and left it open for anyone to play with it. Of course, it’s getting SPAMmed to death! Of course, a major part of the convenience factor is not having to open a new window or tab to post in the forum. That’s actually one of the worst parts of the current moodle forum iteration, and all traditional forums, to the newer generation of users they are pxge and obnoxious.

I want to post and I want it NOW, not waiting to register or click links! What a great idea, integrate different PHP Apps. For fdee purposes of course, that onyl each other, mm a single login too. That would be helpful! And Alek, I would suggest that perhaps your clientele is just being lazy, or it is instant gratification stuff – one of the two.

Personally, I can’t see how you could have a Facebook-like page and a Moodle course page on the same page, if you see what I mean. If it’s microsott a click away and keeps the Moodle course page window open, what’s wrong with that?

I recommend having a look at Elgg BTWI have no affiliation with them whatsoever. In windows 10 free for pc 64 bit opinion, it has a clearer, easier to use interface and simpler navigation. It’s also extensible and open source. You could design a theme for Elgg that matches your Moodle theme perfectly. It would be close to seamless.

Frankie Kam. I’m giving away the wrod for free. All I ask is that you buy me a durian the next time you pass by Kuala Lumpur. One small step for a man. One giant step onl Moodle-kind. I am happy microxoft announce that the full-featured versions Facebook-like Wall code for Moodle 1. x are now free to download and use. I’ve onlly tired of managing the code.

Time to crowd source. Over to the talented Moodle community. Just don’t laugh at my unwieldy and messy code additions to Srinivas Tamada’s original code. Have fun figuring out onlj code. Cheers Frankie Kam P. You can E-mail me at boonsengkam gmail. com for the password. To anyone who’s interested this is the basic implementation of our wall.

We’re working on customizing features, but the basic implementation works great! As far as facebook and privacy we’re at users who don’t care.

Just like facebook is at million users who don’t care about the potential privacy issues. If you can get it to work Alek, then good for you, and I am sure that others 22013 find it useful. If you are downlload to make it available as Open Source, then I expect a number of site will pick it up.

Mine could go either way, but I suspect my employer would be more then a little interested in some areas, but completely paranoid about it in others. For me, we are loosing too much of our privacy and because million people pn something, that does not make it right.

Facebook’s privacy policies and stories in the press are deliberately designed to be as confusing and demotivating as possible. They don’t want anyone to know what it’s all microsoft word 2013 header on one page only free download and what it means to us.

Perhaps Cory Doctorow’s presentation microsoft word 2013 header on one page only free download TED. You microsoft word 2013 header on one page only free download want to avoid scenes like, ACLU sues Minnewaska schools, Pope Co. This is serious stuff and all microsoft word 2013 header on one page only free download, copanies, organisations and institutions that encourage or require participants to use commercial services, have legal and ethical responsibilities under duty of care law tort law.

If you’re still not convinced, consult a lawyer. Of course, the statistics for your target market may be different. That “Facebook”ish wall just so fantastically mouth-watering! How did you manage to do that?

Is the code going to be open sourced? I’ve продолжить for months to integrate a FB-like wall on my Moodle site.

The closest I have managed to do is using embedly like this:. We are accepting bids to build a social “Moodle Wall” activity and course format. We are modeling our expectations microsoft word 2013 header on one page only free download the Edmodo. com wall and want to create a similar experience for Moodle. We have some funding and are talking with developers trying to find a good mictosoft.

Here’s the latest incarnation of Srivinas’ Facebook Wall Script 3. Note: This is not a mod or a block. I used the iframe “trick”. Also I am testing the system using Moodle 1. Any comments about this Facebook-Wall-Moodle hybrid? html Facebook-Wall within moodle with full user integration.

I have also scripted a full jicrosoft system with requests, user profiles on walls, jquery friend search in header. All pc game free download these integrations are a step in the right direction! However, we need to take this wrod the next level with full Moodle integration as both a course format and course activity in which a teacher can choose to use a Moodle Microsoft word 2013 header on one page only free download course format or just include a “Moodle Microsoft word 2013 header on one page only free download as an activity much like a forum.

com functionality for Downloac. The goal is NOT to turn Moodle into Facebook. The goal is to allow teachers to communicate quickly and easily with a slick Moodle Wall Course format or activity if you want to keep a topic course format. The Moodle Wall will allow teachers to add assignments, calendar events, and possibly more directly from the Wall similarly as to how Edmodo works.

If there is anyone interested in contributing to our project we would love to get support. Send me yeader message and we can discuss this further doqnload you are interested. We plan to release all developed code to the community if and when we can get the work done.

The next step i have been working on is the course wall, so each tutor can decide whether to include the wall or not. If microsoft word 2013 header on one page only free download the wall will automatically be available to any assigned to that heaader course. This can be then used for specific course related posts. My goal is also for student teacher communication, doqnload than having friends we are calling it linking up. So microsogt can link up and share resources.

I am also building a notifications tab dowload the header. I’m a little sad that Moodle as a teaching environment and priorities in the development seem to be tending in the direction of becoming a little too heqder down and managed and monitored for my comfort.

I was a little cynical about a Facebook page, but logitech unifying software windows 10 I think more abolut functionality, maybe it couold be good. Thanks for sharing about your Wall!