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Android x86 available only as a free system when downloaded using Installation Assistant. Parallels Desktop for Mac emulates PC hardware, so other operating systems not present in the list above may be also installed and work in Parallels virtual machines. You can download Parallels Desktop, activate a trial period and install the operating system you need. Please also note that Parallels Desktop does not include operating system installation discs or their images.

You should purchase them separately. Supported Guest Operating Systems You can install the following guest operating systems into Parallels Desktop virtual machines. Parallels Tools. Windows 11 when released. Ubuntu Linux Fedora Workstation 34, Kali Linux Windows Windows 8.

Windows Server when released. Windows Server Windows Server R2. Windows 7 SP0-SP1. Windows Pro, Server SP4. Ubuntu Linux Mint 20, 19, With Parallels Desktop 9, the theme has been customer “peace of mind knowing that Parallels keeps pace with and supports leading new technologies, such as the upcoming OS X Mavericks, Windows 8.

Windows 7 and Windows 8, each running in OS X in its own window. Customers who upgrade or purchase Parallels Desktop 9 will receive a six months license for Access free of charge.

Parallels continues to increase the speed of Desktop. The numbers the company cites are below. A future article will looks at the Parallels Desktop 9 performance in detail with benchmarks and comparison to PD8.

That’s, of course, because many Apple customers wanted to enjoy the industrial design of Macs and the security of OS X but also be able to run important Windows application for business. Along the way, Linux always seemed like a second class citizen.

In addition, Fedora and some other distrubutions were posting new versions faster than would be added to the tested and certified list for Desktop. In version 9, Parallels has dramatically improved the Linux support as follows. It’s great to see Desktop 9 start to offer the kinds of integration that has always been available with Windows VMs. In testing, I had some fairly ugly video effects with my “mid ” inch iMac and Fedora With version 9, this has been extended to Firewire and Thunderbolt external disks.

That is most welcome. Pick the OS to connect the device to graphically. One of the great delights of Desktop has been the install wizard. In this version, things have gotten even better. Plus there is one-click access to both Ubuntu Linux and Windows 8.

Finally, the wizard can detect the Linux OS type from the. ISO file, so you don’t have to. Easy install of Ubuntu or Windows 8. Windows 8. And so, Parallels allows you to easily run Windows 8 apps in the VM on your Mac in a dedicated window. The helps especially when one is doing a lot of cut and paste from Windows to OS X apps and vise versa.

Start Menu added to Windows 8. One of the things you don’t want to have to do is keep your cloud files, for example, Dropbox files, in both Windows and OS X. That just chews up storage. I didn’t test this feature for this review, but it’s definitely one of those things to work with for a future update. Parallels has sold over four million copies of Desktop, and it now claims 90 percent market share. It’s major competitor is VMware’s Fusion.

The kind and character of enhancements that Parallels continues to include in each major release of Desktop continue to make for terrific capabilities, better ease of use, better technical concurrency, and, in my opinion, a must-have upgrade.


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