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Microsoft teams share video in meeting

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Select a sharing option:. If you plan to share an audio file or video clip during a Microsoft Teams meeting, you’ll want participants to hear the sound from your computer. When setting up content sharing, be sure to activate the “include computer sound” setting.

All audio from your computer — such as the sound from a YouTube video and even notification chimes — will be shared with the meeting participants. If you forgot to select “Include computer sound” before sharing, you can activate the setting while presenting.

Your video feed does not appear in the shared content. Microsoft Teams offers Standout Mode when sharing content with an active camera. Standout Mode superimposes your video feed, minus any background, so just your video feed appears in the bottom-right corner of a shared screen.

Keep in mind that your video feed may cover any shared content in the lower-right corner of the screen. If blocking lower-right content is an issue, consider using Side-by-side mode or Reporter mode. Side-by-side Mode divides the sharing screen between your shared content and your video feed against a screen-wide background image.

The Reporter Mode shows your shared content as if you were anchoring a live news broadcast. You can use it to play a video or audio clip as part of a presentation. To share sound, select Share content in your meeting controls and then Include computer sound it’s the switch on the top right of your sharing options.

All sound from your computer, including notifications, will be audible in the meeting. For more info, check out Share sound from your computer in a Teams meeting or live event.

If you want another meeting participant to change a file, help you present, or demonstrate something, you can give control to that person. You will both be in control of the sharing, and you can take back control anytime. People you give control to may send commands that could affect your system or other apps.

We’ve taken steps to prevent this but haven’t tested every possible system customization. To take control while another person is sharing, select Request control.

The person sharing can then approve or deny your request. While you have control, you can make selections, edits, and other modifications to the shared screen. Note: Mac trackpads don’t support zoom in meetings. If you’re on a Mac, use one of the other options. If you’re using Linux, giving and taking control of shared content isn’t available at this time. Join your meeting from Teams for desktop. When another presenter shares content in the meeting window, select Pop out from the meeting toolbar.

To pop content back into the meeting window, select X to close the pop out. You can choose to present a photo, video, PowerPoint, or your entire screen. When you’re ready to share, tap Start presenting at the bottom of your screen. Hit Stop presenting when you’re done. Tip: To go forward and back in a PowerPoint presentation, swipe in the direction you’d like to go, or tap the forward and back buttons on the bottom of your screen.

Note: If your role changes from presenter to attendee during a meeting and you’re presenting, screensharing will stop. You may want to minimize the content someone is sharing in order to better see the people in the meeting on your mobile device.

Here’s how:. Tap More actions next to the name of the person doing the sharing. Choose Minimize content from the menu. This will give you a better look at more of the people in the meeting. You’ll still see the shared content on the lower portion of your screen. If you’re already in a meeting on your laptop, for example, you can add your phone as a companion device to present files, share live video, and much more.



Microsoft teams share video in meeting.Using video in Microsoft Teams

This will hide your video for your own view, others will still see your video. To share sound from your computer, select Share content in your meeting controls and then Include computer sound —it’s the switch on the top left of your sharing options. This is the view to choose when you’d like to pay close attention to the content without the distraction of seeing people’s video feeds. Thank you! To eliminate the PC and internet connection from the variables, Teams allows you to upload a PowerPoint presentation rather than sharing an open Window. Intro and navigation Video February 9, How to make Microsoft Teams files always open in the desktop app, Teams, or browser by default for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files October 8, Custom registration pages coming to Microsoft Teams meetings in March February 14, ❿

How to Share a Video With Audio on Microsoft Teams on an iPad? – Microsoft teams share video in meeting

No jargon. Microsoft Enterprise. Choose Minimize content from the menu. You will both be in control of the sharing, and you can take back control anytime. Hover your cursor at the top of the screen to reveal the Presenting toolbar.