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Preparing a refreshing cocktail in a bar. Front view bartender preparing a red drink. The barman makes drinks for the guests nightlife club life. Hand drawn flat design cocktail flyer template. Hand drawn glass of martini cocktail. Set of various cocktails, drinks hand drawn sketches. Restaurant menu black and yellow. Mojito cocktail, against the surface of bottles, on the bar, with bar attributes. The senior expert male barman with beer at studio isolated on white wall.

Refreshing cocktail decorated with slice of lemon. Bartender hands pouring light beer in a beer glass. Then 8, then 10 seconds. Eventually, after a few days or weeks, you will be able to balance these two taped bottles on your chin for 30 seconds or longer.

Very important tips for trying this:. I like to use Jose Cuervo bottles, Bombay Sapphire, or Jagermeister bottles, but find what works best for you. The general rule is this: anytime one object is touching another, there should be a damp napkin in between them. Go easy. This is an incredibly dangerous flair move. Taking baby steps and precautions along the way will help minimize your risk of injury.

This week marks the 98th lesson for Flair Bartending TV. Please and Thank You. Welcome To FlairBartending. Free Step-by-Step videos. Learn Flair Bartending Fast!! After blogging for 5 years at ChrisTheBartender. Take your bartending to a whole new level with practical, easy-to-learn flair bartending moves. Support Contact. Hot grog cocktail handdrawn sketch style christmas winter or autumn warm drink in a coupe glass.

Professional bartender kit set cocktail shaker bar spoon hawthorne strainer on white background. Charming barman pours alcohol from a bottle into a jigger to make a mixed drink in a mixing bowl.

Charming bartender is pouring alcohol from a jigger into a mixing glass in order to cook an excellent drink. Our bartender course offers you the chance to turn pro and kickstart your career Bartending Basics Products. Resealer beer bottler opener – Westmark Starting off this list is a real contender for the best bottle opener for bartenders, already!

German quality and efficiency at its finest! Flat bottle opener – BarConic Flat beer bottle openers are some of the most commonly used and best bottle openers for bartenders. Beer bottles won’t be safe around this sleek, stainless steel beer bottle opener Wall-mounted bottle opener – Holtz Leather Maybe you’re looking for an opener that requires no physical effort Just simply pop off the cap and get serving?

It can also be personalised for that little added extra. Extendable bottle opener – Yeti Are you a forgetful bartender from time to time? Wine bottle opener – Sonoma-Cutrer Now, we’re over half way, it’s time to offer more bottle-versatility. Of the best wine bottle openers out there, this is our winner. Automatic bottle opener – True ”Save the best till last,” is what they commonly say, right? Opening bottles has never been so fun and easy! Final verdict In our humble opinion, the best bottle opener for a bartender is the resealer bottle opener by Westmark.

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Time Volume. Item Width:. Just open and serve! Take your bartending to a whole new level with practical, easy-to-learn flair bartending moves.


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The science is a combination of gravity, airflow and liquid to create a form of mathematical absolutism Observation: As 3 is an odd number, not divisible by any other number other than itself or 1, we will see some rather weird fractional times to equate to discrete dispensing amounts.

Question : How do the above times relate to what constitutes a shot or serve of alcohol? See below via geographic area, standard pouring volumes with arising time equivalents. Based on the 3 second count.

Bartenders hone their 1, 2 and 3 second pouring via practice. Please add your own thoughts here. This all makes sense, right If this volume is then over-poured could this become somewhat problematic, particularly when replicated by hundreds of drinks a night! Viscosity: is the notion that volume flow rates change when a spirit or liquid is less runny than say the consistency of vodka Viscosity is also affected by factors such as heat and cold Is there a formula or technique to precisely work this out?

Timing works if the speed which liquid traverses through a speed pourer see below is uniform. Does, air pressure and gravity impact pour flow, what about temperature and altitude?

Speed Pourers are the tools to pour alcohol from a bottle into some sort of receiving or serving vessel. Specifically, you should be watching the top portion of the path the bottles take when they fly through the air. Your eyes should be looking about 1 foot in front of you and almost 1 foot up.

Throw the first bottle, then the second bottle, and let both of them fall. Stand over your bed or a sofa so you can easily pick them up. Repeat this frequently. It will help you to improve your throws, learn the timing, and reduce your anxiety of the bottles getting away from you. Once you catch them, begin throwing with your left hand first, then right. Continue going back and forth, starting with the opposite hand each time. This can be very difficult but is necessary and will help you smooth out your pattern.

As soon as you catch the first bottle, your arm dips a little while catching it, then launches its throw again quickly.

Learning to juggle bottles is going to be a 4-part series. Practice it a lot more than you think you should. The tips I give are meant to decrease the likelihood of you hurting yourself while trying this move, but there is no guarantee. Attempt at your own risk. The Chin Stack is one of my all-time favorite flair bartending moves.

Crowds love this one. The first thing you need to do is find two bottles, preferably tall bottles like Grey Goose, Belvedere, Galliano, etc. Use duct tape or packaging tape to tape the bottles together, end to end. This will be the tool you use to learn the balance.

To begin learning the balance, take your two taped bottles and place the mouth of one on your chin just below your bottom lip. You might have seen this technique in a sommelier documentary. Do these properly and your customers may feel that you’ve poured a whole case of wine when you only went through two bottles. Why use free pour spouts?

The length of the spout cuts down on spillage and allows for high-flow-rate pouring. But different pourers have different flow rates, pour accuracy, and susceptibility to contaminants.

Even with a pour spout in, liquor can go bad so keep an eye on your bottles. You also don’t want to find out the hard way can wine go bad. This is the standard-issue, most-common free pour spout on the market. This pourer has a high flow rate, and the end of the spout is left open and can collect dust or other contaminants. This is a pourer for advanced free pourers that you’ll find cruising through every bottle in a full bar liquor list.

The tapered pourer is a lot like the standard pourer, but the end of the spout tapers to a smaller opening. That turns the high flow rate to a medium flow rate. This is the best pourer for beginning free pourers. No contaminants allowed! The screened pourer has a screen on the end to ward off dirt and grime, but the price is steep.

It pours at a much lower rate than standard or tapered free pour spouts. The screen can also impede the flow of thicker, more viscous liqueurs. Combining the best of both worlds, the flap spout pours at a high flow rate like the standard, but defends against dust and dirt like the screened.


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