The feeling that I got after watching this movie was that something has fundamentally changed in this country’s DNA…..

Confronted with the ghosts of its past, India can no longer brush off these events as if they never occurred. 

Vivek Agnihotri pulls no punches and says it as it is. The standout feature of this movie was its unapologetic style of storytelling and thankfully there was no trace of the fence sitting one usually comes to expect while dealing with sensitive subjects.

The director plucks the viewer out of his comfort zone and slams audience emotions around the dark confines of the movie hall in one brutal frame after another leaving viewers gasping for breath.

Now it’s crystal clear why so many ”left leaning intellectuals”, Bollywood and the liberatti in this country was opposed to the screening of this hard hitting film….

It makes them highly uncomfortable and exposes the lies that were peddled in the name of Kashmir by pretending that it was just a migration and not a bloodcurdling genocide purely to perpetrate religious supremacy which it was.

Every incident is true and intensely researched with thousands of hours of backup videos & testimonies of family members / descendants of those who suffered this Indian version of the ”holocaust”

This movie strips the veneer off drawing room civility and forces the narrative and pain of those who suffered endlessly right in your face, take it or leave it!

It has blown the lid off decades old ”secular propriety” along with the false sense of security that it was just an aberration and could never happen in a country as ethnically diverse as India with its pot pourri of cultural mix and proven history of thousands of years of assimilation of cultures from around the world …

Brilliantly done and a game changer to say the least….

TKF is a milestone in Hindi cinema that shakes you to the core and is the kind of film that leaves cine goers speechless when asked for a post film review…

It is impossible, almost blasphemous, to say that the film was enjoyable or good. It also seems unfair to stay quiet and numb because it would be tantamount to outright denial of the cinematic brilliance of the makers who intended this film to have the kind of impact it did. They, largely, succeeded in their endeavour

Someone rightly tweeted  ”If you want to know your history watch this film; If you want to know the future watch this film twice”